Scary times ahead

This coming Saturday, 29th October, is the closest to Hallowe’en and therefore a ton of stuff is happening.

Following my compering stint at their The Bard Is My Bag event on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and my brief career as Manny Bianco, I am back at Southcart Books to compere Southcart Scarefest 3: A Return to Lowerhell Lane. A selection of local authors and special guests will be presenting tales of horror, suspense, fear and mystery from 11am.14115062_932888473523760_8747931990392739096_o

In the evening I will be heading to Eerie Ink for their 4th Birthday Bash.

I’ve always enjoyed the events host at or by the Eerie guys & girls. I’d recommend that you get dressed up and join in, however as far as I am aware the event has sold out. If you’ve got a ticket I’ll see you there, if not I’ll just recommend you look out for future Eerie events and get tickets as soon as they are released to avoid disappointment.

Coming soon there will be some exciting news regarding the theatre companies I am involved in and, hopefully, a plan of upcoming productions I will be involved in in some way.

More info soon, possibly regarding my writings (poems, short fiction, scripts, sketches, etc) as I am trying to get more organised on that front and will be looking to get more work out in public.


More like a log than occassional musings.

I keep meaning to update this but never get around to it. Time for a new approach.

I’ll give everything a bit of a spring clean and reboot my blog as an actual log for my life and the things that happen in it. Warning, either:
a) This will become tediously boring;
b) this will show me my life isn’t as mundane as I sometimes feel;
c) this will launch me into internet stardom; or
d) I’ll keep it up for a fortnight at most and my blog will go updateless for ages… again.

There’s a lot of pedestrian occurrences in my life which, having tried a weekly update approach, overshadow a few exciting and entertaining things that I get up to. This makes me feel like I’m being mundane and boring when I try to blog. This leads me to skip an update, then another, then I’ve missed a load of really great stuff in hindsight but it’s irrelevant because half the things have happened so long ago that the exciting moment has passed.

So the new approach – write something daily. I may not post daily but I will combine writings into at least one post a week. on the other hand, not saying I’ll be doing a regular weekly post and writing every day will hopefully push me more to write updates just after great things have happened… on my way home from an event, half-way through the day en route to something I’m looking forward to, basically pushing me out of the idea that I have to save stuff until a self-imposed weekly update time (which is easy to miss if I’m busy at that point one week).

I’ll also hopefully realise on the ‘boring days’ that even if I’ve only just been at work and come home and not really done anything else I can sort out some promotional posts – sometimes for things I’m doing or attending but also for things my friends are doing or attending.


That’s the plan… only time will tell. *wanders of to start cleaning up the blog*

** holding post **

[Coming soon – a couple of retrospective blog posts, one regarding appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 with the SMARTarts production “Paper In My Pants”, the other regarding a trip to Australia for a friend’s wedding.]

Helping where I can

Last night the owner of Southcart Books announced that the shop would be closing until further notice due to moving premises. Their online shop will continue to operate but the only independent book shop in Walsall would be shut… Would be.

So, I’m volunteering to run the shop on a Saturday so that the owners, Scott & Amy, can get the new place decorated and ready to transfer the stock over.



This evening is the first full cast meeting for Paper In My Pants ahead of rehearsals starting on the 25th of this month.

Exciting times!