“WLTM: 40+ lady for play, GSOH essential” & The joy of proving who I’m not

Let me start by clarifying the first part of the title to this week’s post. I am not on the lookout for a cougar.
The casting for Turnstyle Theatre’s play Three For A Girl is almost complete and I’m confident that the company of players our Director, Gavin, has assembled will be brilliant. However there is one role left to fill, Mary. Mary is the mother of one of the principal characters, I’d never reveal a lady’s age but it’s fair to say that she’s in the 40-59 category.
Casting calls have been sent out on relevant websites but I thought I would also put a quick shout out on here to see if anybody would be interested in auditioning for this role. If you would like further details please e-mail me: Jimm.Rennie@googlemail.com or contact me through facebook/twitter (links on my contacts page).

**Stand-Up Gig Update**
I found out earlier this week that the comedy night I was booked for in Wolverhampton later this month has had to be cancelled. Apologies to all my adoring fans who were planning to turn up (both of you). There are future comedy nights planned at that venue, I am awaiting news of whether I can get a slot at one of these and will let you all know on here and on my projects page as soon as I have confirmation.

Celbrations for my birthday were fun, although I will admit I feel old as the 5:10am arrival at home on Sunday morning has knocked my body clock out of sync with the real world and I’m still, almost a week later, tired as hell until about 10pm and then I can’t get to sleep. Nevermind, I shall carry on regardless and hope I manage to sort myself out… chances are that will happen just before I head out for another late night on the 25th of this month. England vs. Wales in the Six Nations followed by a reunion with some of my old Uni Classmates.
I’ll sleep during March.

I’m rather excited to say that a parcel I have been waiting for arrived yesterday while I was at work. Unfortunately this meant that as no-one was at home to receive it the parcel was taken back to the nearest post office – not that inconvenient, I popped in to pick it up on my way to work this morning. That’s when the fun began. For those of you who don’t already know, Jimm Rennie is a professional name I have chosen to use when performing and writing, my real name is reserved for my private life. As such I spend most of my online life as Jimm Rennie and therefore sign up to websites and such under my assumed name.
To collect a parcel that could not be delivered from the post office you need the ‘missed delivery’ card they put through your letterbox and proof of identity. So I have to, on occassion, prove that I am the person named on the card even though the name on the card isn’t on my I.D.. After having to do this a few times I’ve managed to come up with the solution of taking photo I.D., a utility bill showing the name on the I.D. with the address of attempted delivery and a stack of business cards with Jimm Rennie on them to show I’m not just trying to steal the post of somebody living at the same address. This generally works although I do get funny looks when the postal worker behind the counter sees not only the name Jimm Rennie on the business card, but also the name Pirate Jimm Yaharr!

And finally, my view of last weekend’s England match which I watched in the pub with my little brother. Poor. Italy have really upped their game over the last few years but I don’t think England were fully prepared for the onslaught in Rome. Each team had a second opponent, the weather – snow on the pitch and I can’t believe it wasn’t freezing during the game. All in all both teams fought hard and in the end England won, but I don’t think they can rest easy. Hopefully this week has included a lot of training and next week will too before our match against Wales on the 25th. I’ll give you my preview thoughts on the England vs. Wales game next week.

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