A plug and other stuff

First off, a MASSIVE PLUG! I’m in this next Saturday, come along – it’s free:

Saturday 25th August - 12noon, 2pm & 4pm

Robin Hood and the Giant


Next up: Following my rant about the spam regarding SEO I checked what search results have led people to this blog. Most of the phrases bringing people here are sensible ones related to me – Jimm Rennie, Pirate Jimm Yaharr!, Turnstyle Theatre, etc. – although there are a couple that surprised me “40+ lady” and “lady with gsoh” which I can only guess picked up this post. So I think my SEO is pretty much bang on.

Also, I’ve noticed that recently that I’ve had a couple of referrals from a website called The YamYam which looks like a pretty cool site for a load of Black Country based news, info, events and blogs so I’d like to say thanks to the folks at The YamYam and suggest that maybe you, my dear readers, should check it out some time.

The past week has been enjoyable. Good food on Monday evening with my in-laws and family from that side at The Old Irish Harp and more great food on Thursday afternoon with my side of the family at my Granny’s 80th birthday lunch at Fairlawns. Last Friday saw us regulars at the Black Country Arms send off the boss and some of her staff as they embark on the exciting task of opening a new pub in Wolverhampton, The Lych Gate Tavern – and when I say new pub, I mean new… it was offices before the renovation, another in the same brand of real ale houses. The new bosses have started settling in at the BCA and I’ve popped in a couple of times this week for various reasons (the main one being to quaff a good ale) and this Friday I enjoyed introducing my mate Mike to Attitude at the Stein Bar as well as the guys that run it.

I’ve got a week off work now so time to catch up with a few things – tidying the garden, sorting my study, learning lines for an audition, rehearsals for Robin Hood & the Giant (next Saturday in case you missed the poster above), reading through a friend’s comic book script, sending off a lighting design I’ve been freelancing on, sending an initial draft script to a producer friend for possible production (watch this space), writing the script for a play idea I had and have been asked to draft, continuing my exercise regime at the gym and, if there’s time, chilling out for a bit.

Have fun with whatever you’re up to folks, I’ll catch you later.

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