“#Come gather ’round you Walsall folk, come make a mighty crowd…”

And they did.

A few hundred people came to watch the three performances of Robin Hood and the Giant on Saturday and as far as I’m aware a good time was had by all – even by the audiences that had to briefly shelter under cover when the heavens opened upon our playing space. I have already seen plenty of photos kicking around facebook from the show, hopefully these will also find themselves onto a publicly accessible site at some point (although these already are accessible to all). I noticed a fair few videos being filmed as well so hopefully they too will surface. There was a professional group of archivists taking pics and filming the shows and I will post up links to these when they have been edited and uploaded.

If you have any footage, stills or video, of our performance, please feel free to upload it somewhere and tell me or the guys at the Bayard’s Colts Project.

Although the show was tiring, it was very rewarding. During our brief processional following the first performance the Mayor of Walsall reached out to shake my hand, which I can only assume means he enjoyed my role – probably the bits where I was dead and lying in the street. My favourite critique of all time came via one of my fellow cast members, Tony Barrett – the Tat Man for those who saw the show, as he tried to get some audience feedback from one child. Apparently the conversation went something like this:

Tat Man – “Did you enjoy that?”
Child      – “Yeah.”
Tat Man – “What was your favourite part?”
Child      – “When ‘e died.”
Tat Man – “You mean the Giant?”
Child      – “Nah. Robin Hood.”
Tat Man – “Why did you like it when Robin died?”
Child      – “‘Coz he was a show-off!”

With comments like that I think it’s safe to say I did the job that was put in front of me… and I had a bloody fun time while I was doing it!


The next play in the Bayard’s Colts cycle of mummery, The Alchemist and The Devil will be performed on Saturday 10th November. Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday 3rd October. If you would like to be involved then please get in contact with the director, Glen Buglass. His details can be found here (second set of details on that page).

I’ll leave you to enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday now. Have fun whatever you’re doing and I’ll bring you another thrilling installment of stuff I do next week.

One Comment on ““#Come gather ’round you Walsall folk, come make a mighty crowd…””

  1. Col Bird says:

    Hi ‘J R’, pleasure working alongside you that weekend…. (signed) Danny Darlo

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