Chapter 10,804: In which I look like a Punk Rock Liberace.

Well I’ve finally recovered from Robin Hood and The Giant, with a bit of time to relax before rehearsals begin in October for The Alchemist and The Devil. My little brother turned up on show day and stayed to watch all three performances, afterwards he said he’d like to get involved in the next one. Earlier this week I found out that my older brother has been press-ganged into the project through some of the others in the cast and band. So if all goes well, come along and watch the three of us performing together – for the first time publicly. If you would like to get involved, check out the Bayard’s Colts’ project page – details of how to get involved should be going up soon. Some more photos from the show have appeared online here if you would like to have a look. Thanks to Smudger Stu for posting these up.

Half Pirate Jimm Yaharr! / Half Jimm Rennie

This Thursday I finally appeared at one of the most highly respected comedy nights in the West Midlands. While I have been performing stand-up over the last couple of years, almost everybody I have met have played the Hollybush in Cradley Heath. I finally got around to contacting the landlord/promoter when I saw he had free spots open over the next few months.

What can I say? The experience did not disappoint and the audience seemed to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately there was not much time after I finished my set before I had to leave to catch the last train to Birmingham and then the last bus home from there. To ensure I made the last train I took off the majority of my Pirate Jimm Yaharr! accessories, changed back out of my boots into normal shoes and threw my jacket on over my shirt. As a result I ended up looking like either a New Romantic throw-back or a trend-setter for the Nu-New Romantic genre which I’ve never heard of before, so you can probably guess it was more likely the first option. Oh well, I didn’t get as many funny looks as I thought I might so I may start this Nu-New Romantic look and see if it catches on.

In upcoming attractions news, tomorrow (Sunday 9th Sept.) I’ll be wandering around Walsall Arboretum trying to generally entertain, once again as Pirate Jimm Yaharr! as part of the Bandstand Marathon. There will be loads of great attractions on throughout the day for all the family, including an arts & crafts fair, street entertainers and the live musical acts of the marathon itself. It is also a chance for folk to have a look around the newly restored Arboretum and the Gallery Garden (where there will be loads of crafty-type events). Click on the link and click through to find out exactly what’s going on where and when. It should be a fantastic day – and weatherwise it looks like it’ll be a lovely day, bring a sun hat folks!

If you are more Birmingham based then I would suggest you check out Artsfest this weekend. Loads to do, loads going on, loads to get excited about. I would like to especially plug like crazy the band my older brother is in The Grey Goose Blues Band, who are playing the BBC WM Introducing stage from 7:30pm on Sunday.

Have fun with whatever you’re up to this weekend and I hope you enjoy the sunshine that has suddenly appeared now that Summer is drawing to a close.

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