Our Streets

I don’t usually get political on my blog – I don’t usually get political at all – but I feel I should point out a few things that prove that the English Defense League (scum) are just out to cause harm and violence, and why in my opinion anyone openly associating with the group should be arrested for inciting racial hatred in an instant – whether they’ve been on a demonstration or not.

The EDL website says that they are “Peacefully Protesting Against Militant Islam”. Today they came to my home town of Walsall. Why? Read here. The opening statement, “Walsall is not noted for being a centre of Islamic radicalism or militancy” shows that if they are protesting against Militant Islam, they have no need to come to Walsall.

ITV News have reported “A policeman has been injured in Walsall town centre as the EDL clash with police. Eyewitness reports of fireworks, bricks and bottles being thrown through the air.” That hardly sounds Peaceful to me.*

So far the tagline from the EDL website isn’t holding much water – the only bits they’re fulfilling are Protesting and Islam. Sounds like incitement to racial hatred to me. Arrest the lot of ’em.

The other part I’d like to pull them up on is the common phrase of theirs “Taking back our streets.” Fuck right off – if you have travelled to Walsall to take part in this protest then they are not your streets. As a Walsall resident they are MY streets and the streets of every other resident, including these guys:

Unite Against Fascism & We Are Walsall by Walsall Art Gallery

Unite Against Fascism & We Are Walsall by Walsall Art Gallery

Showing that the English Defence League’s point of view is NOT the opinion of the masses. Also, calling Walsall “a run-down industrial town in the heartland of England” just shows you have no clue what goes on in Walsall, how prominent the creative arts are in Walsall and how fantastic the locals are around here. Walsall is a town to proud of – just look at how great the Bandstand Marathon event was three weeks ago.

Finally a HUGE thank you from the peaceful people of Walsall to West Midlands Police for keeping OUR STREETS safe.

That’s my rant for now, have fun with whatever you’re doing… unless you’re a member of the EDL kicking off in my home town, in which case I hope you enjoy your stay in jail – you deserve it.
*Addition: Video of missiles thrown at the police here.

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  1. […] While I’m about it, there have been some excellent blog posts published in recent days. Linda Mason has written a lovely one about her experiences of the counter-demonstration to the EDL protest in Walsall yesterday, and a blogger I was unaware of, Jimm Rennie, has written a sterling piece about why Walsall’s streets aren’t the EDL’s to take back. […]

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