Current Projects

Here is where you can find out everything I’m doing, how it’s coming along and if whatever I’m doing is up for public scrutiny then there will also be links to where and when you can see me.


[To be updated soon – Sorry I’ve left this out of date for a few months]


Stand-Up Comedy / Entertainment

Nothing booked in at the moment.
[To be updated soon – Sorry I’ve left this out of date for a few months]


Turnstyle Theatre

Turnstyle was set up in 2009 by a chap called Reece Page and me as a creative outlet for ourselves where we could write, perform and if our first show was anything to go by, make a profit.
Various projects are waiting for us to jump into although we will be taking a break from performing and shows for the time being. During this hiatus we will be writing and getting some ground work done so that in a couple of years we can jump straight into producing and touring a series of shows.


Works In Progress:

  • “Park Life” – A sitcom for television set in a theme park.
  • “E.G.O.” – An animated sitcom for the web.
  • [Untitled Sci-Fi Story] – A novelised series (or maybe a serialised novel) regarding the future of the human race and interactions with other species in the galaxy.
  • “The Goon Show – A Tribute” – A brief history of the Goon Show in the style of Spike Milligan. This started as the presentation of a short script (audio only) incorporating Milligan-esque humour and Goon style sound effects for an assessment for my Post-Grad studies. It was a great exercise and will definitely help focus down my ideas for the final show. If anybody wants a copy of the presentation, e-mail me and I’ll send you the .pps file.
  • Some Mummers style sketches and plays I’m hoping to submit to Cart Before The Horse theatre company.
  • “Alfa & Jules” – A promenade adaptation of a well known play.
  • A commemorative street play. More details to follow.

I have quite a few ideas pop into my head but never seem to find the time to get them down on paper. I shall try and improve this and hopefully I will be able to let you know of many more ideas and projects I hope to be working on soon.